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steves posted:

Just picked up my first c5 today . 1st run all ok 2nd time pressed motor button and nothing . I did notice 1st run r/h led all lights on and l/h just the two outer orange . 2nd time now all leds illuminated ?
Then other thing I need new battery, it still has original fitment is this a good time to change harness and fit leisure battery or should I keep original? Any help and advise would be appreciated regards steve
posted on: 23/02/2014 06:34:18

Dan posted:

Hi Steve,

The problem with the left-side LED's all being lit could be several things: Damaged LM358 chip in the control box, the Red cable connector in the control box/pod, check for dry solder joints.  Or it could be the ULA chip in the POD which is the worst case as this is the most difficult/expensive to find a replacement.  I'd check for dry solder joints in the first instance.  It could also be the Relay in the control box, if you had a spare POD/control box it would be easiest to swap them over to see what was faulty.

Regarding the battery, I'd get the wiring harnesss fitted if you want more reliability over the old key switch block, Chas sells them on ebay and have a reverse polarity protection built in to stop you connecting them the wrong way around.


posted on: 23/02/2014 07:50:18