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Richard RBG posted:

Hi There
Just got a sinclair C5 ,I did have have one around 12 years ago, but had to sell it due not having space to keep it! Well this new sinclair c5 has been in a garage for the last 10 years the battery is still connected .
The tyres are all dead! Does anyone know we're I can buy some new ones ! Or is there anyone in the the Devon area who know or can help me with this project. Love to start use it! Bring back lots of happy memory's

posted on: 22/02/2014 23:01:45

Dan posted:

Hi Richard,

Welcome to the website  The tyres are a problem, the preferred option is getting a set of City Jets but they are no longer available in 16" size.  I've recently bought a pair of  Schwalbe Marathon tyres but haven't fitted them yet.

Theres a couple of us in the Poole/Bournemouth area if that's any help, whereabouts in Devon are you?

Hope you get your C5 working again


posted on: 23/02/2014 07:54:52

Richard RBG posted:

Thank you dan I hope to get it back on the road, seems i might have trouble to get tyres. I live in the Paignton area of Devon.
Thank you again dan

posted on: 23/02/2014 08:15:27

Dan posted:

Hi Richard,

No probs. I do have a pair of unused Raleigh Chopper 16" tyres you can have if you cover the cost of the postage?  I have had these sort of tyres on my C5s in the past and whist they're not ideal they could be used as an interim until you find some of the nice city jet tyres.

On the pic above, I was trying to make out the serial: 100050100810? If that's what it is, would you mind if I listed it on our directory page along with your username?
posted on: 23/02/2014 12:46:17

dave posted:

ive got chopper tyres on 1 off mine too
posted on: 23/02/2014 15:34:07

Area51 posted:

So have I lol
posted on: 23/02/2014 16:19:39

Richard RBG posted:

Hi dan that would be great ! I will pay for you postage just let me know how much and I will send you the money!
I am picking up the Sinclair c5 tomorrow !
posted on: 26/02/2014 22:15:59

Richard RBG posted:

What's the best cleaning product should I use on the C5,,
posted on: 26/02/2014 22:18:20

Richard RBG posted:

The biggest problem is living in Devon is that no one else have a C5..
posted on: 26/02/2014 22:22:28


Hi there I think you will find that Ciff is the best cleaner as long as you wash it off after you have cleaned the C5 ...bye Chas
posted on: 27/02/2014 08:50:32