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c5Jay posted:

Hi, I have just registered on to the forum. I currently own one boxed C5 with all the added extras, which has never been out of it's box and is currently dry stored.

I have three fully restored C5s which are currently used by my son and I. I have one C5 currently being restored by a c5 Guru in Bournemouth. I also have some interesting paperwork concerning the C5, which was found in a skip many years ago with loads of hand written notes on it. The original copies are very delicate and have some water damage on them. If anybody is interested in any copies, let me know, as they may be worth posting on the forum. I also owned many, many years ago, a C5 which was used by Jeffery Archer for a sketch with his wife where he was trying to chase his wife, before the years when he went to prison! I no longer own this. Does any member remember the sketch? I brought this from a place call Action Cars In London, who provide the cars for tv programmes such as Eastenders and many, many films. I sold this prior to my son being born.
posted on: 10/02/2014 21:48:58

Dan posted:

Hi c5Jay and welcome to the website!

It's good to hear from another Dorset based C5 enthusiast.  Theres a couple of us on here from the Poole/Bournemouth area and I suspect I know the C5 guru who is restoring your C5

Regarding the paperwork you found, I'd be very interested in adding it to the resources section of the site for all to see.  Are you able to scan it in at a medium DPI setting and email it over to us? Or I can carefully scan it in and return to you via recorded delivery?


posted on: 11/02/2014 07:52:06


Hi there Wecome to the forum I would love to see the paper work you have ..If you need any help just ask ...bye Chas \:d/ \:d/
posted on: 11/02/2014 08:25:38