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Thor069 posted:

Hello to ALL,

I am looking to put Mirrors on my C5, any one can give me good ideas or link where to get mirrors for the C5?


posted on: 29/01/2014 11:27:31


Hi there best place is Ebay UK ...Bye Chas
posted on: 29/01/2014 16:11:58

Dan posted:

Yep ebay is the way to go unless someone on here can assist
posted on: 29/01/2014 18:46:47

kamztrad posted:

Hi there and welcome to the forum, there were a couple of sets of mirrors sold in last week or so on e-bay, they went for about £77 + postage, just need to keep a look out for them,
posted on: 29/01/2014 19:14:42

Thor069 posted:

Hello to all,

Thank for your tips, but i dont need the original mirrors.

My C5 not is real ORIGINAL ,

anyone have expirience with other models like this:

I now have old Motorcycle mirrors but this one moves to much to have a good locking back.

Best regards.

posted on: 29/01/2014 19:24:58

rekooh99 posted:

Thorsten have a look at experimental mirrors thread on this forum in the projects section.
posted on: 29/01/2014 20:25:15