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dave posted:

i'd like to wish all members old and new a merry xmas and a happy new year and good weather for next year for c5 fun from dave kath and the gang in hull
posted on: 14/12/2013 18:10:47

C5mick posted:

Hi Dave, Kath and the gang at Hull
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Mick,Julie and the tribe in Knypersley (where)

Think we could do with a festive ecard to send out, there is a manger scene set up a few house away from me, and very nice it is too. Now I was just wondering if I could push the bounds and exchanged the crib for a few minutes for say a C5 complete with hazards flashing.
The wife thinks I may either
A) get knocked into the middle of next week by an irate neighbour
B) get struck down by a bolt of lightning from yours truely above
C) if it hit the local rag and it was proved 100% that it was me behind the deed then I would never be allowed to attend mid night mass on Christmas Eve.

With all that stacked against me I have decided against this just for a quiet life.
I was wondering if we can have a competition for the most festive C5 photo.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone

posted on: 15/12/2013 04:34:30

C5mick posted:

Mine has just come to me, but I think the wife and kids will soon dis own me, oh ho ho
posted on: 15/12/2013 04:41:58

rekooh99 posted:

Merry Xmas to one and all from the frozen north
posted on: 15/12/2013 14:44:34

dave posted:

Lol mick lol t shirt weather in hull
posted on: 15/12/2013 17:00:26

Dan posted:

Merry xmas all, from the wet and windy south coast
posted on: 15/12/2013 17:43:24

dadandjames posted:

Merry Merry Christmas to one and all. More timeto work on the c5 and hopefully puta good run or two in.
posted on: 17/12/2013 21:59:41