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EEVblog posted:

I'm Dave Jones from the EEVblog, you may have seen my Sinclair C5 video on youtube, currently the #1 search result for "sinclair c5":

That was my friends C5, but now I have my own, just acquired on ebay and turned up today.
Paid $250 for it, and these things are pretty rare in Australia it seems.

Didn't know much about it from the ebay photos, and well, it's pretty crusty, basically as bad as I expected it could be.
I'm curious to know from the experienced restorers how much work is involved in salvaging this?
Here are some photos:

Bare in mind that I've never done anything like this before, and whilst I'm fairly handy, my mechanical skills are pretty limited.
I figure this C5 needs a complete strip down, removal of all rust, repainting, and almost a complete restoration.
The guy I bought it from said the motor and pod display works, but the motor ran backwards, so he swapped the wires and it now runs forward. It has a custom centre-off switch drilled into the side of the case, I'm guess this might be a reverse switch?
Anyway, the wiring does look like it's been modded.

Any comments and help appreciated.

posted on: 10/12/2013 08:21:44

Dan posted:

Hi Dave,

Welcome to! Glad to see someone from down under on here

I saw your blog/youtube video some time ago about the C5, it was very well made and accurate, unlike a lot of reporting on the C5

Having looked at your pictures I'd say the rust wasn't too bad, though on the chassis, is it coming apart at the back?

The picture here:

Not sure how to just get the direct image url on Flickr images

There is quite a lot of work restoring it I'd say, I've only done a couple myself, Chas would know more.  I usually take it all apart, and for the metal parts just sand down them down and paint them with some rust resistant paint (rust cure), but others may do it a different way.

It's good news if the electrics work especially the POD, they're getting harder and harder to find working ones.

Good luck!


posted on: 10/12/2013 13:16:53

dave posted:

Good day mate
posted on: 10/12/2013 17:06:39


\:d/ \:d/ \:d/
Hi there Dave you could check out my videos on YOUTUBE type in JORDAN8ISH where you will find my videos on how to strip down and build up a C5 ...Any help just ask Bye Chas
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posted on: 10/12/2013 17:32:45

dave posted:

Looks like abit of welding to the frame ? Apart from that looks normal to me mate lot better than the 3th 1 got maybe if you new anyone who is good at autocad 3d maybe dan could print you some mirrors
posted on: 10/12/2013 19:40:12