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kamilb1998 posted:

Hi chaps,

My freewheel failed recently so, as I had a spare, I took it down to my local bike shop for it to be replaced. I have been informed that the bearing needs removing in order for the freewheel to come off the axle, however, this bearing doesn't seem to want to budge and seems to have a brass collar holding it in place.

Does anyone have experience with removing this rear bearing, is a special puller needed perhaps?
posted on: 06/12/2013 08:07:45


Hi there regarding the bearing it will have to be pushed or pulled off With it the spacer and the bearing cone will come off all in one go

PS do you have a new chain dive cog as I have them for sale ..but you have to use the part that has been welded the the axle ..bye Chas \:d/ \:d/
posted on: 06/12/2013 13:05:06