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Robert posted:

Hi there all, i am new to the world of c5's and have a question;

To get some extra power, the standard motor can easily handle 24 volts.
Can you just put a voltage (power) converter - step up of 360 watts (12v to 24v) between the
POD and the motor?
Seems to me a quick and simple solution as you don't have to change anything else
or am I missing out on something?

Your comments are very much appreciated.
All the best,
Robert (Netherlands)
posted on: 26/11/2013 03:40:09


Hi there the motor can handle 24 volt but there is also the gearbox to think about .
There are problems with using 24 volts
first of all the motor has no fan to cool it down and if it gets too hot the glue that holds the magnets in place can come loose and destroy the motor also the gearbox was not designed to run on 24 volt and what can happen is the 3 small cogs break up and shatter and destroy the motor..
But It is possible to run on 24 volts as long as the motor is kept cool and it is used carefully .
Another thing is the pod will not work on 24 volt unless it is been altered to run on 24 volts I do have two 24 volt C5s and I have also made up and sold another two .
But if you do go down that way there is quite a lot of work to do keep it running safe ....

Bye Chas
posted on: 26/11/2013 09:18:45

Robert posted:

Hi Chat,
Thank you for your help!
By putting the voltage booster between the POD and the motor
I hoped to avoid having to change anything in the POD.
The previous owner has sealed the POD by melting the plastic....
The problem regarding the gears, I think I can solve by putting a variabel
accelerator from a ebike.
All the best,
posted on: 26/11/2013 12:36:20

Dan posted:

Hi Robert,

I've used the uni-8 before to do a 24v c5 and I think most people use this controller when doing 24v conversions. I can't say how you'd keep the pod working as mine doesn't have a pod
posted on: 26/11/2013 13:29:47