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Poze posted:

Hello all
I was sent these 3 items around 3 weeks ago and I've been testing then each weekend on runs of about 6 mile distance (and a few short runs to).

High vis caps - these are better than the originals, they fit tight and with s dap of oil they slide solidly onto the top hat part. The finish is great, colour great and they work. I do think these are better than the rubber Originals as they fit tight and stay in place. I shall be buying these for all my c5s!

Rear centre caps - the colour on these is pretty close, but they are always going to look a bit different to the outer cap due to age and a different material. But the colour is close and looks good when fitted. The caps outer finish isn't like the main hub cap, due to different material, but this dosent matter. The clips are always going to be the potential issue on reproductions , these clips are great! All solid, looks original and clip the cap in solid . The cap can still be removed, idralky by uncliping with your finger from behind, otherwise a small screwdriver, but I prefer uncliping from behind. The caps are flat, not slightly curved like the original, you can't really see this and they still look great, but for me, as the cap wasn't curved it did foul on the right side axle/bolt slightly, so I had to Dremmel a mm of the inside so the cap clipped in properly on that side. The left cap went on perfectly.
These are a great product!

Chain tensioner clip - this clips onto the chassis and then your chain tensioner fitted with the other bit of plastic then Clips into this new part. The part looks identical to the original part, it clips onto the chassis well and is tight. The tensioner clips in perfectly. I've done around 20 miles and the new part looks spot on still. If this material dosent break down due to age, then it should be as long lasting as the originals!

Many thanks,
posted on: 02/11/2013 07:35:21


Well done Paul ....Regarding the center wheel caps I do have a set but have not tested them yet but as you said they look great and fit well ...There is nothing worse that a back wheel with no center cap ..Well done Dan
posted on: 02/11/2013 08:15:08

rekooh99 posted:

To add to the excellent review, the mast tops fit very well,the boot clips because they are stiffer work much better than the originals.The centre caps are the best of the lot though a good fit ,well made and in my opinion better than the originals as well. Great work Dan.
posted on: 02/11/2013 15:11:22

C5mick posted:

Centre caps I have tried fit well , I have covered mine in a reflective film available from Chas.
The chain tensioner clip is ok, and if they do breakdown with age if they are cheap enough and plentiful enough then it's not an issue for me. Think I will carry a spare in the boot.
The boot clips are great, it's just a part that is missing off nearly every C5 I purchase.
Keep up the good work Dan
posted on: 02/11/2013 16:52:14

Dan posted:

Thanks for the feedback guys, it's really good to hear these bits of plastic are of use to people

Hopefully there will be more coming up.  In the meantime, you can all have a beta testing medal
posted on: 02/11/2013 17:40:23

C5mick posted:

Cheers Dan
Need a bigger chest soon.
I need to order some bits off you soon, I will have a look to see how many boot clips I need and be back to you soon.
posted on: 02/11/2013 21:57:18