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Pep posted:

Hi All

I am a new member to this forum, Chas told me about the site and I have been reading the forum, some of the names sound familiar, I have had a C5 for approximately a year and half, and in that time I have totally restored it, this weekend I bought my second C5 and plan to do the same to this one over this coming winter.

I am located in Littleborough Lancs,

I really like the mods on here especially the touch screen, full marks for that, the site is really fresh and has a good layout with superb explanations on how to carry out the projects, and 3D parts available too excellent

posted on: 28/10/2013 19:28:11

Dan posted:

Hi there Pep, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the comments about the website and projects  If you need anything just ask away.

By the way, thanks for letting Chas use your design for the rear brake disc, I'm looking forward to adding one of them to mine soon, 24v C5's dont feel too safe when you've only got the old drum brake/front brake to rely on
posted on: 28/10/2013 19:42:20

rekooh99 posted:

Welcome pep loved the photos of your c5 on the "other" site,also really like your disc conversion,particularly the front one.
posted on: 28/10/2013 19:57:07

Dan posted:

[quote=rekooh99;1564]Welcome pep loved the photos of your c5 on the "other" site,also really like your disc conversion,particularly the front one.[/quote]

Aye, theres nothing wrong in mentioning c5alive on here, its not a banned word Some people on here are members on there aswell.  We need someone to sell front brake discs as a kit...
posted on: 28/10/2013 20:04:25

kamztrad posted:

Hi Pep, just like to echo what the others have said, saw your c5 restoration on c5alive (I'm a member on there too!), looked amazing and am looking forward to Chas's rear disc kit he's doing as a result of your excellent hard work.

As a result of your overheating motor problem I fitted the original temp sensor and a digital thermometer to my 12/24v c5 and made a fan shroud to accommodate it - you probably saved my motor from the same fate, so I have to say thankyou for that.

It seems we all learn more from each others experiences (good and not so good!), and that's what I like about the site - people always happy to offer help and advice to others, perhaps we need more c5 enthusiasts running the country!?
posted on: 28/10/2013 21:53:27

rekooh99 posted:

Keith how did you wire in the digital thermometer and where did you get one as that is a modification I would like to try.I took the pod and control box off my C5 due to reliability issues and just use a relay and volt meter at present.
posted on: 29/10/2013 08:33:18

Dan posted:

Hi Pep,

If you still need one of the star nuts for the drive wheel I've got a spare one
posted on: 29/10/2013 20:26:11

Pep posted:

Thanks guys for the welcome,

I looked into the brake mod after hearing the horror stories about the front wheel blowouts, as I was planning to run faster on 24v it also needed to stop better, that's when I came up with the rear mod too. I am sure Chas will have a kit available soon so everyone can benefit from it, & I hope you are happy with it's performance over the drum type.
The front disc brake is quite simple with all the parts available off the shelf, you just need a mount, welding to the forks.

Kamztrad It's good to hear you're feedback about helping to save your motor, and we certainly do need C5 owners running the country,

I am happy to help anyone with what I can, just ask

Again great site thanks Pep
posted on: 29/10/2013 20:27:55

Pep posted:

Hi Dan

Yes I still need a star nut,

Thanks Pep
posted on: 29/10/2013 20:29:26

kamztrad posted:

Hi Pep,
with regard to your earlier question:- Like you, I removed the control box and pod and completely rewired the C5 - my set up utilises the standard 12v power button on the LH handlebar, but I have fitted a second a button on the RH handlebar - when you press this while still pressing the LH one, 3 relays connect the motor in series with the 2 batteries, giving 24 volt performance - just pressing the LH button gives 12v from the 2 batteries in parallel - this allows me to run 12v most of the time, with the option of a boost for higher speed or hill climbing - using it in this way also helps to keep the motor temp down.

I retained the old temperature sensor, and connected it directly to a small digital thermometer (ebay item 150730639121) - I actually bought 2 of these thermometers, connected one to the motor temp sensor and left the other one as standard, and then compared the temperature readings on both the standard and c5 temp sensor one - the readings were exactly the same, more by luck than design - even if there was a slight difference this would still give you a very good indication as to how hot your motor is running.

I have the LCD temp display and a digital voltmeter fitted into my custom built dash which sits between the centre console and the front panel which makes the panel much more solid and less floppy. I made my own fan shroud from sheet aluminium to accommodate the temp sensor, and I have a switch on the dash to switch the fan on and off - I currently have to do this manually, although I really should fit a thermostat to do this.

If you are interested I could send you some details of how the relays are configured, although if you just want to run 24v then this would be unnecessary - if you want to see some pics there are some on my earlier post and in the gallery, I find that on 12v power I can pedal comfortably when in 3rd gear on my sturmey 3 spd hub to assist the motor, when on 24v power it's rather more difficult to pedal fast enough. Hope this explanation is useful, if you want any more info pls feel free to ask, I do think your restoration looks amazing and can't wait for the brake mods you pioneered,
posted on: 29/10/2013 22:35:19

rekooh99 posted:

Brilliant thanks for the help Keith ,got a thermometer ordered,It ll go on my custom dash below the cycle computer I fitted.
posted on: 30/10/2013 08:30:50

rekooh99 posted:

[albumimg]34[/albumimg]Brilliant thanks for the help Keith ,got a thermometer ordered,It ll go on my custom dash below the cycle computer I fitted.
posted on: 30/10/2013 08:32:04

kamztrad posted:

No probs Pep, really like your custom dash, proper job!!
posted on: 30/10/2013 15:03:55