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dave posted:

Dan`s quiet last time he was this quiet he was working on 24v touch ? And I'm waiting for the x pod case to finish mine can't take this long to feed a cat lol ?
posted on: 04/10/2013 20:21:29

Area51 posted:

He's got to catch it first lol
posted on: 04/10/2013 20:25:56

dave posted:

I hate cats it might be the beast of bodmin lol that eats c5 owners glad I'm up north lol
posted on: 04/10/2013 20:42:56

Dan posted:

Yep still working on none c5 stuff. Will be back on the c5 soon. Trying to work out what to 3d print next
posted on: 04/10/2013 23:56:40