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Poze posted:

Hi all
Finally got round to registering and what a great website/forum this is!

So, ive been into C5s for around 5 years. I was just searching ebay for a Sinclair Spectrum when I came across a C5 which was local , I brought it for about £100 and drove to Ringwood to collect it. At that time I only had a 1955 VW Beetle, so I just strapped it to the vintage roof rack, went back to my work and then took it home late at night - it looked odd on the roof, but very cool.

Once home I cleaned it, looked on the net and found out how to repair the Pod/Box. Got it all working and really enjoyed it. The C5 was great, someone had cut a big hole by the light and had fitted a long lever to use as a rear brake (it was missing the rear brake and had some odd non-standard bearings fitted into the wheel). In the end I found a new body and restored it!

I was lucky to meet Adam Harper maybe 3 years ago and brought lots of accessories and parts so that I had plenty to use on future projects. I still have most of the bits, but had to thin a fair bit of the collection at times of financial need (usually school holiday times). I was lucky to get lots of mirrors, some indicators and new motors, so I managed to get a few really reliable C5s into my collection.

I love owning and using my C5s, Ive restored maybe 4 of them and owned about 9 in my time. Currently I own:

*Boxed C5 (just added images to the gallery)
*2 Novermber 84s
*Indicator/mirror/seat pad, horn'd C5(this is my weekend driver)
*One bog standard C5
*And my "boat yard" C5

I tend to use my main C5 on Bournemouth Promenade each Saturday when its dry. My Son is 3 and he sits on my lap and we cruise 5 or 6 miles and get a drink at a nice place called Sandbanks. We love the cruise , the C5 is always reliable and we get to spend some quality time chilling together on the beach!

I transport my C5 in the back of my 1963 T2 VW Camper, the C5 literally slides in the back perfectly once the bed is folded down.

No real future plans other than to keep all of my C5s and enjoy using them as regularly as possible!

posted on: 03/10/2013 21:43:48

Dan posted:

Hi there and welcome to the website

Thanks for the story, it always great to read I'm rather envious of all the accessories you got before the prices went through the roof. Bet you get stopped a lot going down the bournemouth beach front I prefer the quieter routes.

Thanks for the gallery pics, they should be on there now. The boxed one is quite a thing, must be worth a fortune
posted on: 05/10/2013 00:08:42