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Hi can you upload photos on the forum if so can you please let me know how to thanks Chas
posted on: 26/04/2013 19:30:51

Dan posted:

Hi Chas,

There are 2 ways to add images to posts:

1. To attach an image (or any other file) when you create a new post there is a "Attach files to this post?" checkbox at the bottom.

Ensure that this is checked and when you've written the text for the post click the Post button. You'll then go to the attach files page and you can browse your local computer drives and attach any pictures you need.

2. You can do it the other way by uploading images to photbucket etc and paste the link into the text editor using the Image button.

Hope this helps,

posted on: 26/04/2013 20:00:40

dave posted:

Only got watch this topic no attach photos ? Using android
posted on: 17/05/2013 13:25:36

Dan posted:

Hi Dave,

Sorry yeah attaching images/files to posts is now enabled for all members.
posted on: 17/05/2013 17:41:35

dave posted:

dan not got the options box using windows 7 ?
posted on: 17/06/2013 08:56:54