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Dan posted:

Just created this nice looking thingy, for 5 stars can you guess what it is for?

posted on: 20/09/2013 20:21:29

C5mick posted:

An adaptor from 4 studs to 3 for some reason
posted on: 20/09/2013 22:19:58

dadandjames posted:

Is it to hold the motor fan?
posted on: 21/09/2013 06:04:03

Dan posted:

[quote=dadandjames;1118]Is it to hold the motor fan?[/quote]

Yep you got it right:

I gave up bending bits of meccano and using cable ties to hold one in place. With this it just clips on
posted on: 21/09/2013 06:07:40


Well done it looks great I want one ........
posted on: 21/09/2013 06:44:17

dave posted:

e too
posted on: 21/09/2013 06:49:03

Guest posted:

OH WOW !! Summot else I want !!! paypal time
posted on: 21/09/2013 09:00:18