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semach.the.monkey posted:

When I attended the launch of the C5 in 1985 I picked up a copy of C5 Driver magazine (or maybe it was in the goodie bag - can't quite remember). Well, I rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago in my loft, and thought it was too good to keep to myself. So I've scanned it in for you guys!

The scanner at work has this amazing ability to reduce the quality whilst increasing the file size, so I do apologise that it's a 25mb download. If anyone wants to tinker with it, reduce the file size or put it on the website, feel free. (Although bare in mind that I'm obviously not the original copyright holder!)

There's some great bits in there, and it's obvious from the tone of the magazine that they really beleived that the C5 would be the most popular thing ever and take over the world!

Enjoy :-)

posted on: 03/09/2013 06:23:22

dave posted:

As anyone tryied getting in touch with the plastiic company to see if they still av the moulds for pod and front wheel cover if not they will av tool makers how could nemake the the moulds ?
posted on: 03/09/2013 18:53:12

Dan posted:

Excellent! I always find it interesting reading these old magazines.  I'll get a link added to it on the documentation and resources section.  Thanks again
posted on: 03/09/2013 20:12:36

Poze posted:


I once contacted the company who made the Mirrors (about 18 months ago), and they were aware that they once made C5 bits, but confirmed that the machinery/molds to make the mirrors had been scrapped a long time ago.

Would be great to have repro mirrors made, but i suspect the ball mech could be fairly complex/effort to make.

posted on: 03/10/2013 21:56:54