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Dan posted:

For the display section of the X-POD you will need to upload the software contained in  To enable this to compile in the Arduino IDE you will need to install the additional libraries into the "libraries" folder inside the main Arduino install folder.
posted on: 29/08/2013 06:52:54

dave posted:

Thanks dan
posted on: 29/08/2013 22:47:52

dave posted:

Whem are you showing us how to do this danny ?
posted on: 07/09/2013 17:50:51

Dan posted:

Okay here are the steps to download the Arduino software and to upload it to the Arduino Mega board for the display.

1. Navigate to and scroll down to the download links and download the Windows Installer file (

2. Locate the Arduino install folder (Mine is on the desktop, as you've used the installer yours will probably be here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino) and open the libraries folder and unzip the following attachments and place them in this folder:

There will be other libraries in the folder, these do not matter as long as you have the 3 folders circled in Red installed there:

3. Download the file and extract it somewhere.  I usually have a folder called Arduino in the My Documents folder but you can put it where you like.

4. Start the Arduino editor:

5. Connect the Arduino Mega to the computer using the USB.  Wait a moment whilst it installs the device drivers.

6. When the Arduino has been recognised and the drivers installed. Select the correct COM port for the Arduino from the Tools -> Seria Port menu:

* Your COM port number will be different but it should be the only one in the list so select it.

7. Ensure the correct board is set in the Tools -> Board menu.  You want the Arduino Mega 2560:

8. With those setting set, it's time to open the project up. Use the File -> Open menu to open up the project that you unzipped from If you placed the Zip in the My Documents -> Arduino folder then you can open it by selecting File -> Sketchbook -> C5_TouchV2:

9. When opened the program will appear and will look like this:

10. Now you're ready to upload to the Arduino.  Simply click the Upload button:

It will take a minute or so to upload, during this time the LED's on the Arduino will flash.  Do not disconnect whilst it's uploading.  When the uploading is complete you can disconnect the Arduino from the PC.  The bar at the bottom of the Window will say "Done Uploading":

posted on: 08/09/2013 07:23:34

dave posted:

I've put the downloads on the bosses laptop now all I av to do is keep her busy for 10 mins and take her laptop to the shed without her noticing
posted on: 10/09/2013 20:00:38

Dan posted:

[quote=dave;1073]I've put the downloads on the bosses laptop now all I av to do is keep her busy for 10 mins and take her laptop to the shed without her noticing

Just say you need it for very important work
posted on: 11/09/2013 18:06:01

dave posted:

Wish it was that easy mate
posted on: 11/09/2013 18:57:51