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Dan posted:

Over the past few days I've been restoring a pretty broken control box.  Here's some of the "before" pictures:

The resistor above is fried, connector X5 had snapped off, and underneath isn't much better:

2 of the tracks are totally burnt out This control box hasn't had a great time

So firstly I've replaced the resistor with a nice new one and put in a new connector for X5:

And underneath, cut off the burnt trace and soldered some wire to bridge the gaps:

Next up I need to connect it to a battery/pod and see if it works...
posted on: 09/08/2013 17:34:03

dave posted:

I've a broken box you can try and fix lol then put it on ebay
posted on: 09/08/2013 20:02:12

Dan posted:

[quote=dave;902]I've a fooked box you can try and fix lol then put it on ebay [/quote]

I can try to fix it if you want and send it back to you? Have you got a picture of the PCB, can't be as broken as the one above?
posted on: 10/08/2013 07:47:47

Dan posted:

Finally got this working last night.  After replacing the regulator and LM358 the POD sprung to life and connecting the motor and testing that it all seems good:

posted on: 23/08/2013 07:22:22