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Dan posted:

The idea of implementing a Pedelec mode on the Sinclair C5 has interested me for a while.

I am trying to implement a very basic Pedelec mode in the C5duino control box project that will only allow the motor to be activated if the C5 driver is peddling.

I've started today by placing a reed switch on the C5 frame behind the crank:

For now I've just used double-sided sticky pads to fix it to the frame with a cable tie to be extra sure.  I'll add heatshink tubing to it to help keep it dry later on.

The sensor wires are fed along the conduit and into the control box at the back.  When the C5duino control box PCB was designed a spare digital input (capable of being configured as an interrupt input) was left available for a 2nd reed switch and this is where we shall connect the sensor.

Next up is implementing the Pedelec mode in the software...
posted on: 04/08/2013 19:40:21

dave posted:

Danny you using rd 2 on the board ?
posted on: 05/08/2013 19:58:47

Dan posted:

[quote=dave;868]Danny you using rd 2 on the board ?[/quote]

Yup that's right, I knew ages ago I wanted to do a pedelec mode that's why there's 2 connectors for reed switches.
posted on: 05/08/2013 20:02:07

Dan posted:

Made some progress on the software yesterday, adding in a Pedelec On/Off option in the config screen and also a new icon next to the motor icon at the top to indicate if the C5 is being pedalled.  The icon will spin as the pedals are turned:

If the handlebar switch is pressed when not pedalling the motor will not work and the new pedal icon will flash Red until you start to pedal.

There's also an option to display distance/speed as KMs rather than just miles.
posted on: 06/08/2013 12:41:22

Dan posted:

Pedalling data can now be gathered and, combined with other data such as speed, motor on/off state, we can make more charts.  Here is a long ride I did yesterday and, looking at the chart, I need to pedal more

posted on: 12/08/2013 17:59:24