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Dan posted:

If you have a question or comment about any part of the website please post it in the Questions or Comments about the website section.

Any feedback you may have, whether it's good or bad, it doesn't matter. I want to build the best C5 website for C5 owners and your feedback is central to that.

The boring bit...

I've built and tested the website for the following desktop web browsers:

Internet Explorer 7/8/9

and also mobile platforms, Apple iOS and Android.

For maximum compatibility with Apple and Android devices I have deliberately avoided using technology that isn't supported on these platforms such as Flash, Silverlight and Java. You do not need any browser plugins to view this website, though a modern HTML5 compliant browser gives the best experience.

If you have seen any problems in a particular browser please post details here and I will try to fix it.

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posted on: 07/04/2013 20:03:58