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Dan posted:

My first C5 which came with no POD or control box, apart from that it was in very good condition:

It now features probably the first LCD touchscreen used on a C5 along with mirrors and indicators:

posted on: 25/02/2013 20:10:20

Dan posted:

Thanks to Marra recommending ping battery I got them to make me a 12V 40Ah LifePO4 battery:

It fits neatly in the footwell:

It weighs in at a measly 5KG and, from my first drive over the weekend it should easily do 30+ miles. Very impressive.
posted on: 29/07/2013 21:06:56

dave posted:

How much was that bad boy battery ? Bet it wasn't cheap
posted on: 29/07/2013 21:58:12

Dan posted:

How much was that bad boy battery ? Bet it wasn't cheap

You're right Dave, it cost about £250[omg], pretty expensive for a battery I know but with performance comparable to a 60ah car battery and it can be recharged a lot more than car batteries the price in the long run isn't as bad as it sounds

I mainly got the battery for its light weight. For the 24v one I use normal car batteries as that's got the power to do hills.
posted on: 30/07/2013 06:37:17