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RT TheRetroHunter: This is for sale on a local sell group! Good value? #Sinclair #C5 RetroAsylum1 deanswain psdavies Retromash http://…

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RT SimplyFixIt: Actual Sinclair c5 outside the shop at Bruntsfield.

02:46 08 Fri via Twitter Web Client

gamesyouloved an 8 way multiplayer battle on speccy game "chaos" in the middle of stone henge lol

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Need a new set of stickers for your #sinclairc5? Chas is selling sets for £6 here:

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TheEggMan1969 kerreid02 LochGarten So were Sinclair C5's apparently, but nobody brought those into 2015 thankfully!

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RT ianthecurator: Donations keep coming in! The_Waterfront Sinclair C5 original waterproof jacket - our visitors are just fab! http://t.c

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Donations keep coming in! The_Waterfront Sinclair C5 original waterproof jacket - our visitors are just fab!

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RT EcoCraigJones: Human-elec trike can go 100 miles on single charge < Sinclair C5 returns!

about 23 hours ago via Twitter for iPad

LorraChaplin mjhsinclair is sinclair related to the chap who made the c5

09:58 09 Thu via Twitter for Android

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Recollections by Perran Newman

Read this exclusive article by C5 engineer Perran Newman as he recalls his time on the C5 project.

Sinclair C5 Crowthorne Sunday Run

posted on: 30/07/2014
Crowthorne Sunday Slides

Just added are the Crowthorne Sunday slides to the history section.

Sinclair C5 Crowthorne Sunday Run

posted on: 23/03/2014
Battery Stop Bar - Sinclair C5 Reproductions

Here are Battery Stop Bar's made with the 3D printer for your C5.

Sinclair C5 Battery Stop Bar

posted on: 06/03/2014

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Sinclair C5 POD ULA Replacement Module

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