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RT Clammylizard: gamesyouloved used to get loads of my speccy tapes there

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RT Join_Dave: ddibbley Tarp 1 was a Sinclair C5. Six clever people guessed it, too.

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16 #sinclairc5 POD's for sale on ebay

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RT MattRockley: Just got told off by staff for taking a picture of a picture of Clive Sinclair & C5 in tobycarvery. What a bizarre policy…

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Sir Clive Sinclair C5 a definite winner! Pet Rock a pathetic non starter! Wheel will continue to elude inventors! #McTernanPredicts

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#McTernanPredicts Soon everyone will rush home in their Sinclair C5 to watch Waterworld 2 on laserdisc

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Sorry so moody in the manga section. Lost lights due to a transformer breaking down. Guess it shouldn't have changed into a SInclair C5.

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AssemblyWales Cycles from the National Cycle Museum in Llandrindod Wells are available for display , inc the Sinclair C5 made in Merthyr

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Anyone know how to use a Sinclair C5? - #sellonadverts via adverts_ie

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Recollections by Perran Newman

Read this exclusive article by C5 engineer Perran Newman as he recalls his time on the C5 project.

Sinclair C5 Crowthorne Sunday Run

posted on: 30/07/2014
Crowthorne Sunday Slides

Just added are the Crowthorne Sunday slides to the history section.

Sinclair C5 Crowthorne Sunday Run

posted on: 23/03/2014
Battery Stop Bar - Sinclair C5 Reproductions

Here are Battery Stop Bar's made with the 3D printer for your C5.

Sinclair C5 Battery Stop Bar

posted on: 06/03/2014

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